Advantages of installing natural gas for your central heating

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Continuous supply

Uniform heating

Biodiversity pictogram Environmental benefits

Environmentally friendly and looks after the quality of the air you breathe

How much will I save?
With natural gas, your saving is...
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Coste del gas natural
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Installing natural gas is simpler than you think. Watch this video to see just how simple it is
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Natural Gas connection

People with natural gas

Montse and Bruno

heating installers - comfort in your home

“Any mother who wants the best for her baby, also wants the best air to breathe”

Since Bruno was born, I’ve also been very protective. The safest car seat, toys that have passed strict controls, the best anti-colic bottles, even the most protective nappy rash cream for his skin… So, when I was 7 months pregnant, we decided to install natural gas. It gives us the level of comfort we all need so much at a time like this, heating throughout the house and non-stop hot water for Bruno’s very special first baths.

But that’s not all. Even before having it installed, I read (and my paediatrician later confirmed it) that it’s important to try to ensure clean air for babies and children because they are so vulnerable… According to what I read, natural gas really reduces environmentally harmful emissions. Maybe some people don’t realise, but we live in the city and the truth is that we feel better knowing that we use an energy that can help improve the air we breathe, both for us and for Bruno.

What’s more, natural gas means we can save money. We only pay for what we use and that has been great for us since Bruno was born because we’re spending a lot!

Other uses of natural gas, hot water and heating

Agua caliente con gas natural

Natural gas offers a high level of comfort in the home, particularly when used for hot water. Hot water is instantly available and unlimited whenever you need it, and it never runs out in the middle of your shower.

Hot water
Cocina con gas natural, ilustración familia cocinando

Cooking with natural gas enables better control over your cooking, thanks to its adjustable flame and helps food keep its flavour and nutritional value. What’s more, it comes in a continuous supply and the fuel doesn’t need refilling.

Natural gas in the kitchen