I have a natural gas installation in my building but not in my home


What should I do to start enjoying natural gas?



Performs the installation of natural gas

Natural gas must be installed by an authorised installer, who will issue Nedgia with the corresponding certificate so that your home can be connected to the natural gas network.

Contact your trusted installer or, if you prefer, consult the list of installer associations.

List of installer associations



Contract the natural gas supply

Once your installation is connected to the gas network, you can manage the natural gas supply contract with a supply company.

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Costs associated with contracting the supply of natural gas

Hand with ballpoint pen signing natural gas supply contract




When the supply company contacts us to request the start of your supply, at Nedgia we will contact you to arrange a visit from a technician to check that your installation complies with current regulations, put in the gas meter, and get everything ready so that you can start enjoying natural gas.

I have a natural gas installation in my building and my home
How can I request supply?
I don’t have a natural gas installation in my building or home
How can I request connection?