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natural gas central heating

Benefits of natural gas central heating

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Maximum energy yield

Gas boilers utilise the maximum heat from combustion products by condensing steam.

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Guaranteed supply

Replacements are not needed with natural gas. It is a reliable energy at the most competitive price on the market.

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Lower maintenance costs

Since storage tanks or special mechanisms for transport are not required, boiler room maintenance is simpler and more cost-effective than those supplied by other fuels.

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Open choice of sales agent

You can choose to contract the natural gas supply with the sales agent company that offers you the best price, since the natural gas sector is totally deregulated.

Savings comparison between natural gas and diesel for a central boiler

graphic gas central heating Savings comparison between natural gas and diesel for a central boiler:

All amounts include 21% VAT and special tax.

Diesel prices: open market price; calculated using a 15% discount on the residential sector price

Natural gas price: average of the 3 main supply companies

Natural gas prices include meter rental

Transformation of a boiler room

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Decentralising heating

central heating
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Benefits of de-centralising heating

Icona check blau NedgiaWith individualised heating, you can enjoy the temperature that best suits your needs. With an adjustable thermostat, you will be able to decide when to turn the heating on or off, and the ideal temperature for your home.

Icona check blau NedgiaYou will have your own individual meter and only pay once you have used the energy, thus controlling what you spend at all times.

Icona check blau NedgiaIn many cases, where distribution is via a ring, it will be enough to install an individual boiler in the property and connect it to the radiator circuit already installed.

Icona check blau NedgiaIf your association decentralises its heating system, the space previously used for the boiler room can be reconverted for a new and better use.

Change to an individual heating system, it’s easier than you think.

Ring heating circuit

This is the most common installation system since the majority of communities have this type of distribution. In these cases, installing natural gas is very easy given that most of the works carried out are for installing the individual boiler in each of the homes, with no alteration to the existing radiator circuit.

gas central heating circuit

Column heating circuit

If this is the type of distribution in the community, in other words where the radiators are linked vertically between the different floors of the building, decentralising the system would first require changing to a ring distribution and then connecting the radiators to the individual boiler that is installed in the home.

gas central heating circuit

People with natural gas: Mario

“I managed to convince my neighbours that we should decentralise the central heating and we are all better off now. Finally, everyone is happy”

I hate it when it’s hot. In fact, I’ve always suffered in the heat and I was fed up of having to adapt to the temperature needs of all my other neighbours, who feel the cold much more than me, and I even had to pay for it…

We held a meeting to talk about the problem. After hours and hours of debate, I managed to convince them that we should decentralise the central heating system. That was a year ago now and not one neighbour has complained yet. Because ultimately, we’re all better off.

Everyone can now choose when to turn the heating on and off, what temperature they want in their house at different times of the day and, most importantly, pay only for what they use. What’s more, now we use a much more environmentally-friendly energy. In fact, when we decentralised the heating, we converted the old boiler room (which used to be a wasted space full of dirt) into a lovely bicycle storage area. So now my bike sleeps warmly and we all breathe cleaner, pollution-free air. At the end of the day, what use is looking after our wallets if we don’t look after our health?

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