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Now your chats in the lift will be all about the boiler replacement plan

Reach an agreement with your neighbours and enjoy an offer you can’t afford to miss

Switching to natural gas brings only benefits and advantages because natural gas is one of the most economical forms of continuous supply energy in the market and can enhance your well-being at home.

Install it now and benefit from the Nedgia subsidy for the conversion of coal or diesel boiler rooms to gas.

The maximum boiler room subsidy amount shall be determined by the number of residences served by the installation, the uses and the Autonomous Community where it is located. The following table shows some examples of subsidy amounts for different options:

Distribution area*
Amount of the Nedgia grant (€)***
No. householdsUses, heating and hot waterOnly heating useOnly hot water use
Distribution area*
Amount of the Nedgia grant (€)***
No. householdsUses, heating and hot waterOnly heating useOnly hot water use

 (*) Autonomous Communities of Aragon, Castile-La Mancha, Castile-Leon, Catalonia, Galicia, La Rioja and Navarre

(**) Community of Andalusia and the Valencian Community

(***) The maximum subsidy corresponding to 200 residences shall be applied to homeowners’ associations with more than 200 residences

Facilities replacing the centralised boiler

Are you considering replacing your boiler?

Change your boiler room to natural gas, a cleaner, more efficient energy that reduces pollutants and improves the facility’s safety.


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Renewal Plan for centralised boilers in the Region of Madrid

This Plan consists of subsidies to renew central boilers and provide incentives for replacing them with cleaner, more efficient natural gas-operated condensation boilers in the Region of Madrid.

The purpose of this plan is to increase energy efficiency in your home, to reduce the impact of pollution and improve safety in receiving installations.

Renove Plan

Subsidies for transforming centralised boilers in other Regions

Easily transform your boiler room into a natural gas boiler room thanks to the subsidy offered by Nedgia distribution companies.

For more information and to request these subsidies in the Autonomous Regions where these companies operate, check out the documentation on “Boiler subsidy with Nedgia” and the “Economic conditions for homeowners’ associations”.

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