Natural gas offers efficient
solutions to heat your business.
Did you know that you can achieve
the well-being of your workers,
when the cold squeezes, in a simple
and economical way?
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Saving for your business

Installing natural gas brings great benefits to your business. It is the cleanest and most efficient energy and offers multiple advantages compared with other energies.

Find out how much you can save by installing natural gas in your business. Check out our energy comparison and discover the economic savings by comparing it with your current energy.

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Does natural gas reach my business?

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Quiero gas natural para mi negocio

Natural gas is a clean, continual supply energy with a high calorific value. Its high level of energy efficiency allows you to make savings. If it has already been installed and you would simply like to register for the service, please contact one of the marketing companies operating in your area.

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Benefits of using natural gas

Natural gas is the perfect partner for your business. By using it, you will increase competitiveness while looking after the environment. Discover some of the benefits of using natural gas:

How much does it cost to install?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little natural gas installation costs.

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Maximum efficiency for your business

Gas natural vehicular para camiones

Natural gas offers many benefits for your business

Natural gas is not stored, since supply is continuous. So you can save space and reduce the risks and odours that come from having storage.

The energy is paid for once consumed, with no need to pay in advance for filling storage tanks. What’s more, it is one of the cheapest energies on the market, with the most stable prices.

Easy and simple installation

Installing natural gas is simple and easy, and provides an added value to your business.

Natural gas has high heating power, making it the most suitable and efficient energy to heat and reach high temperatures in minimum time.

The distribution company performs mandatory extensive regular reviews and the safety controls comply with the strictest standards. A permanent emergency service is also provided.

The most efficient and serviceable source of energy

Natural gas enables your entire business to have a more efficient, simultaneous and non-stop supply of hot water, heating and cooking at its disposal, as it uses very little energy.