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Surprise yourself with how little it costs to install natural gas
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* % of the natural gas installations were free.
* % of the natural gas installations were free.
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Cálculos realizados en las comunidades autónomas donde distribuimos gas natural.

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Installing natural gas is simpler than you think. Watch this video to see just how simple it is.

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How to be efficient with natural gas and save at home?

Blogger, Alicia Hermida, gives you some advice on getting it.

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Una mosca en la luna

Benefits of natural gas

Natural gas offers the most efficient uninterrupted hot water, heating and cooking.

Hot water


Natural gas offers a high level of comfort in the home, particularly when used for hot water.

    • The hot water never runs out in the shower
    • It provides a continuous supply, it never runs out
    • Consumption is cheaper
    • Hot water is produced instantly
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The central heating in many homes is one of the things that uses the most energy. Natural gas central heating comes with numerous advantages.

  • Price, consumption is cheaper
  • The heating is even, it provides a pleasant temperature throughout the home
  • It provides a continuous supply, it never runs out
  • It can be used simultaneously in all devices
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