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Cooking with natural gas tastes better

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Continuous supply

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You won’t need to remember to buy or refill canisters or know when they run out. What’s more, you will gain space in your kitchen, since natural gas doesn’t need storage.
Natural gas also beats electricity as an energy source for cooking: the food tastes better, it heats more quickly and consumes less energy, and the cost is lower.
Install gas cooker

Natural gas in your kitchen

With natural gas in your kitchen you can cook better thanks to an adjustable flame that enables cooking to be instantly controlled.

It provides great heating power and food preserves all its flavour and nutritional value.

Also, with continuous supply, you will never run out of gas half way through cooking and you will never have to replace the fuel.



¿Cómo es cocinar con gas natural?

Follow the cooking and energy advice from José Luis Peña.

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What is the connection process for installing a gas cooker?

Installing natural gas is very simple. Watch this video to see just how simple it is:



How much does it cost to install?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little natural gas installation costs.

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Other benefits of installing natural gas in your home

Natural gas offers uninterrupted hot water, heating and cooking with the utmost efficiency.

Hot water

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Natural gas offers a high level of comfort in the home, particularly when used for hot water. Hot water is instantly available and unlimited whenever you need it, and it never runs out in the middle of your shower.

Forget canisters, install natural gas for your hot water!

You will have continuous, unlimited supply and instant hot water.

When you install natural gas for your water in your home, you can forget about buying and refilling butane canisters, and you will also make savings, as it is a more economic source of energy. All these benefits!

Natural gas heating works with a boiler and several radiators distributed throughout the home, linked by a closed water circuit. Thus a pleasant and even temperature is obtained throughout the home, in every corner.

Installing natural gas in your home is much simpler than you think.  If you have any queries about whether natural gas will reach your home, mark your property on our map to find out if a gas supply is available for you.

Heating with natural gas

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