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Connecting to natural gas is easier than you think

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Find out how the natural gas connection process works. Start enjoying natural gas in just a few steps.


1. Request connection

Request the gas distribution network to be connected to your home. We carry out an analysis of the savings you could make by changing energy source and give you a quote for the installation.

Calculate your budget

2. Your installation

On receiving your connection request, we will arrange for an authorised installer to visit you at home. You may also directly contact a trusted installer of your own.


3. Contract with the supply company

When the installer lets you know that the installation is finalised and gives you a copy of the corresponding certificate, you must arrange the energy from a natural gas sales company. Important consumer information, before arranging contracts: tariffs(last resort plans and open market) and supply companies. Cost of connection and subscription charges in your autonomous region.


4. Verification

Once the connection request is recorded and the receipt certificates are received, we will arrange for a certifying company to visit your home to inspect the installation.


5. Contract activation

Within one week of installation of this service, the contract will be activated and the invoicing process will begin.


6. Application of the offer

Once the contract is activated, we will pay you the amount corresponding to the offer/campaign you have taken up.

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Benefits of natural gas


Quick installation

Biodiversity pictogram. Environmental benefits


Less CO2 emissions

Connect to natural gas and make your home more efficient

Efficiency means “doing more with less”; i.e. using as few resources as possible to achieve the greatest results. Hence, natural gas is one of the most efficient forms of energy because it consumes very little energy to meet our heat and cooling requirements.

Natural gas is the cheapest continuous energy supply on the market, with low maintenance costs and more stable prices.

It can be installed quickly and easily. It will be installed in just a few days, with hardly any installation work required.

It is the cleanest, least polluting conventional energy, with the lowest carbon content.

Its fuel emits less CO2 into the atmosphere, thus contributing to reducing the greenhouse gas effect.

Efficient appliances connected to natural gas

Appliances that use natural gas are cleaner and more efficient, offering high performance with less fuel and thereby helping to save energy in your home. Would you like to see a few examples?

Hot water heaters

  • Faster: they heat water faster providing instant and abundant hot water.
  • More efficient: they only heat water when necessary, which means you don’t pay to keep the water hot in the tank all the time.
  • Great quality of service and convenience of use.
  • Convenient size.
  • Wide range of models.

Hot water storage tanks

  • Meets large domestic hot water requirements.
  • Wide range of models (for any requirement).
  • High energy performance.
  • Great quality of service and convenience of use, especially when the demand for hot water is simultaneous at different points.
  • Great capacity for recovery.
  • Economic.

Heating systems

  • Uniform heat throughout the home, adjustable and programmable for different hours and days of the week.
  • More efficient than other heating systems.
  • Quality and convenience of use.
  • Suitable for traditional and low-temperature systems.
  • Very wide range of models.

Cookers, hobs and ovens.

  • Cooking with gas is more economical and efficient than with other systems.
  • The flame can be instantly adjusted to control cooking the food.
  • High-power cooking, with the possibility of ultrafast burners up to 5 Kw.
  • No need to increase the electricity power contracted.
  • Extensive range of models that incorporate safety valves on each burner, with gas shut-off valves in the absence of a flame.

Glass ceramic hobs

  • Adjustment comparable with electric hobs.
  • No need to increase the electricity power contracted.
  • The cooking area is doubled with each heat source.
  • Economic.

Drying clothes

  • Dries clothes faster.
  • Maximum drying quality.
  • The cost of drying is less than using an electric drier thanks to the maximum energy performance of natural gas compared with electricity and the lower price.
  • No problems of simultaneous use with other electrical appliances.

People with natural gas: Herminia

“Encontré el ahorro y la comodidad que necesitaba y ahora disfruto mucho más de los momentos en familia”

Mi día favorito de la semana son los domingos. Toda mi familia se reúne en casa para comer paella y contarnos todo lo que nos ha ocurrido durante la semana. Le cocino a mis hijos, mis nietos y además durante la semana me encanta prepararles tuppers para que se lleven casa, ¡que no saben comer!

En los tiempos que corren, yo también he tenido que apretarme el cinturón. Mis hijos me dijeron que se habían instalado el gas natural en casa y que habían comenzado a ahorrar. Me ayudaron a hacer números y vimos que por el consumo que tengo en casa, el gas natural también me salía más a cuenta. Lo instalé y desde entonces no pienso tanto en lo que gasto cuando cocino y disfruto mucho más de los momentos en familia en lugar de pensar en la factura a final de mes. Ahora puedo invertir el dinero que ahorro en mi familia y en mí, ¡que también me lo merezco!

Además, no solo tengo tranquilidad económica, sino que también sé que en invierno tengo todos los rincones de la casa calentitos y mis pulmones dejan de sufrir tanto por el frío. Y con razón, porque me han dicho que el gas natural también es una energía limpia. Para la gente mayor como yo es importante respirar un aire más puro. Y la verdad, me siento mejor utilizando una energía que nos ayude a cuidar de la salud y del planeta que dejamos a nuestros hijos y nietos.

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