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Once you have formalised your natural gas installation registration, we will begin to carry out the work necessary to provide your home with natural gas. Don’t worry about a thing! Nedgia takes care of all the formalities involved in the processing of licences, connections and gas channelling works.

The installation company will inform you of the conditions and characteristics of the natural gas installation in your home. The installers will check and guarantee the correct functioning of the installation; and they will give you the gas installation certificates for your home. We make it easy for you to enjoy the best energy!

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Changing a natural gas boiler is a necessity, which will not only pay for itself in a few months thanks to savings in energy bills, but will also help to improve the comfort of your home thanks to the functions of the new models.

Heated towel rails

Towel rail radiators have become yet another accessory in our bathrooms. If you already have a hot water radiator circuit for heating, you can ask a professional to install a towel rail as they work using the same system as other radiators.

radiator pictogram, natural gas heating


Hot water heating radiators can be used in conventional installations (standard natural gas boilers), providing resistance and durability, among other advantages, as a heating system for your home.


Thermostats are devices designed to regulate temperatures to our taste, therefore our use of heating is more efficient, we save more and increase our comfort at home.

Water heaters

When installing your natural gas heater you must think about water saving and heat loss reduction, as well as the safety and requirements that the installation must meet; that is why it is recommended that the installation be carried out by an authorised professional.

Natural gas

Installing natural gas is a quick and simple process, which is completed in a few steps, now you can register all online.