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Natural gas is an efficient and economic form of energy. You’ll be surprised at how little it costs to enjoy it in your home.

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Natural gas reaches your home.

Start the journey so you can soon enjoy the benefits of natural gas in your home or premises.

The customer journey is very simple and much quicker than you probably think. So that you can enjoy comfort in every corner of your home. Once you have sent the request, we will start the process so that you can have natural gas installed in your home as soon as possible.

  • Stage 1. Submitting a request
  • Stage 2. Installation construction
  • Stage 3. Gas supply
  • Stage 4. Now you have gas

You can enjoy your new efficient, sustainable, economic energy right away.

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¿Por qué el gas natural es una energía óptima para tu hogar?

Having natural gas installed gives you the most efficient uninterrupted hot water, heating and cooking.
natural gas heating
  • For hot water: showers won’t be interrupted, supply is continuous, it doesn’t run out, consumption is cheaper, and hot water is instant
  • For heating: in many homes, heating consumes the most energy Using natural gas makes it the cheapest; it provides a pleasant, even temperature throughout the home, into every corner, and has a continuous supply. It also allows all appliances to be used simultaneously.
  • For cooking: You won’t need to remember to buy or refill canisters or know when the butane runs out. What’s more, you will gain space in your kitchen, since natural gas doesn’t need storage. Natural gas also beats electricity as an energy source for cooking; the food tastes better, it heats more quickly, consumes less energy, and it’s cheaper.
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