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Submitting a request

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Installation construction

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Gas supply

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Now you have gas

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You will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of natural gas in your home or premises.

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Stage 1

Submitting a request

Welcome to Nedgia

Your request will be received and dealt with by specialist staff in the area where your home or premises are located.

We will launch the process immediately so you can start using natural gas as soon as possible.

• For any question or query, please contact the Installation Company managing your application, which will deal with and answer your questions.

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Stage 2

Installation construction

Once your request is accepted, the following needs to be done:

Constructing the connection, installing gas pipes in public roads. (Only necessary if your building doesn’t already have natural gas).

Nedgia handles all of this process:

We draw up the technical design for the mains gas connection needed to apply for the necessary works permit.

We immediately apply for the works permit from the local council in your municipality to install pipes under the road. The deadline for granting the permit depends on the local council in each town.

• Once the permit has been granted, we begin the gas installation work (installing the pipes)
under the public road leading to your building.

residential block gas installation

Installing gas in communal areas of your residential block (common receiver installation) 1 (Only necessary if your building doesn’t already have a communal gas installation).

Your installation company will deal with this installation after obtaining permission from the community of owners.

The gas installation for your home or premises to be completed by your installation company:

It will inform you about the terms and conditions, characteristics and build the most suitable gas installation for your home in compliance with the requirements of current regulations.

• It will conduct the relevant tests to check and guarantee correct operation.

It will issue the corresponding installation certificates for your home.

(1) The gas installation in common areas of your residential block consists of the valves and pipes needed to carry the gas from the mains connection of the distribution company to the gas installations in each home within the block.

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Stage 3

Gas supply

Once the installations are finished in your building, home or premises:

  • You will need to arrange a gas supply from a supply company,(2) either through your installation company or independently.
  • The supply company with which you choose to sign a contract will send us notification to install a meter and activate your installation.

(2) The list of partner natural gas supply companies can be found on the website of the Spanish National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC), under the section Energy / Consumers / Natural Gas.

An engineer will arrange a visit to your home or premises:

It will complete an inspection and gas installation tests in your home or premises, and issue a certificate stating that everything meets the safety regulations and technical specifications.

It will install a gas meter. From that moment on, you can start enjoying your gas supply in your home or premises.

• If you have installed new gas appliances (boiler, heater, dryer, etc.) you should inform the technical assistance service of the corresponding brand so you can start using them under proper guarantee.

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Stage 4

Now you have gas

Practical information:

• Your first bill will include the connection charges and mains connection fees based on the payment method you have chosen. These fees and amounts are established by law.

• The applicable regulations state that the gas installation in your home must be regularly inspected every 5 years, to guarantee optimum energy use and installation safety. We will get in touch with you in advance when the time comes for your inspection.

If you need to make any changes to the gas installation in your home, please contact an installation company first to receive assistance.

Guidelines on saving energy in your home or premises and to help protect the environment:

• Use suitable insulation in your home.

• For extended absences, close the gas shut-off valve before leaving.

• Select a suitable temperature for your heating.

Avoid covering or blocking your radiators.

• When cooking, use suitable pans for natural gas.

• Only use the necessary amount of hot water and at a temperature that is comfortable to you.

• For your own safety and improved performance, perform regular checks on your boiler.

Install water with natural gas. Tap and soapy hands
natural gas heating
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Customer Services

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To find out about the regular inspection, meter readings, or any other issue relating to gas supply (gas distributor).

Note: For queries relating to the contract or invoices for gas consumption, please contact your supply company directly.