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Boiler room conversion

Find out about the discounts your customers can enjoy when they install natural gas

Boiler room decentralisation

Your customers will enjoy a whole host of advantages when they individualise their heating.

Natural gas installation in a business

Your customers will make savings when they install natural gas in their business.

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Consult the steps you must take to request a supply

Consult gas network availability for your customer

Process natural gas connection requests

Manage installation certificates

Status of requests and installation certificates

  Periodic inspection

Are you an installation company and want to register a periodic inspection you carried out for your customer?

Do you want to report a periodic inspection of an installation supplied by a piped liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) network ?

Regular inspection

Advantages of natural gas for your customers

Icono check azul Increased satisfaction

Having a clean, economical, efficient, and constant energy supply in the home makes families more comfortable.

Icono check azul Value added to the property

Installing natural gas is a profitable investment for homeowners, as it sets their properties apart from others with similar characteristics that do not have this supply.

Benefits of natural gas
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