Online customer service

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Contact form

If you have any queries about the services we offer, Nedgia has provided a customer service form where you can send any questions or suggestions.

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Receiving readings

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Readings form

Provide your meter reading online, from any location. You will only need your Tax or ID number, and then the data indicated on your meter.

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Telephone contact

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If you need to contact one of our agents by telephone here are the numbers available to you, depending on the issue.

+34 900 699 011

Natural gas installation

Call us to request natural gas for your home’s hot water and/or heating.

900 100 252

Customer service

You can request information about Readings, Regular Inspections or any other information related to the distribution network. For any questions concerning your bill, please contact your marketing company.

900 750 750


Customer service line for reporting emergencies in your gas installation. Also provides information relating to incidents, scheduled power cuts or special situations that affect supply.

900 770 770

Receiving readings

For all customers who wish to read their own meter free of charge. Remember that you can also read your gas meter here.

900 708 709

Propane customer service

For LPG (liquid petroleum gases) customers of Nedgia distributors.

900 500 405

Assistance for collaborating companies

Do contact us if you are an installer, collaborating company or guild with any queries.